Why Nature Matters in Business

If you are like most people there is often a disconnect between your perception of nature and making money. We tend to think of business and capitalism as the antithesis to nature. In many ways it has been, at least until now.

As we begin to have access to a wide amount information, we seem to be remembering about the natural environment with which we were once integrated. This influx of information has lead some, like myself, to take a plunge down the rabbit hole of becoming familiar with the source, nature. 

Now that we have regained the connection and have started our reintegration with nature, what do we do for a living?


Large corporations often pretend to be environmentally friendly.

Here is where business comes in. I believe in order to move forward and create a world that is more harmonious, we must find ways to do business, consciously. 

As words like “eco-friendly” and “natural” become more popular amongst the culture, large corporations seek to take advantage. This phenomenon called green-washing is when companies brand their products to appeal to a more ecologically aware demographic. 

But are these large corporations that have long been responsible for much of the destruction of the earth the ones we want leading this change?

I think NOT!

The Nature of Business

So what’s the next step?

As the times of mass production and consumerism begin to simmer down, I see a re-emergence of hand-made, one of a kind, wildcrafted & other like products. 

This is important, since we have become so divorced from the natural environment. We are in desperate need of companies who value the earth and do business consciously always valuing the health of the planet above profit. 

Now, more than ever, we need brands and companies that are pointing people back to the source. We need business that remind people that nature is where their shampoo and soap comes from. We desperately need products and services that remind humanity of what they are and where they come from. 

Commerce in Nature

The wild environment is a marketplace. If every organism is a different manifestation of energy, there are many transactions taking place every day. 

Group of different herbivore animals in maasai mara national reserve savannah at africa

In order for us to come settle the contradiction of business and nature we must realize that life is business even in nature. Sure we use tokens that represent real value but still, there is always something being exchanged.

Wethere its cowry shells, cacao beans or dollar bills, nature is commerce.

Why Market Nature?

What is the benefit of providing products and services that bring people back to the natural world?


When we have a relationship with the natural world it becomes very challenging to do things that go against that harmony. The closer we get to the ecology the more we have a vested interest to protect it. 

By designing and marketing products that show nature and its magnificence, we are imprinting in people’s subconscious a curiosity for the natural world.

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Sustainable lifestyle zero waste.

This will help cultivate more ecologically aware humans and it will also provide a market for jobs and products that care about their impact. 

Be The Change

It is time. We are nearing our breaking point as a species and it is time to pivot. Our trajectory was leading to destruction, but If we act swiftly we can do things differently and redirect towards a sustainable world. 

Stay Balanced.


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